Students who develop a faith of their own.

What is Transit?

Transit is a Sunday youth environment specially tailored to help students discover and develop a faith of their own. 

Grades 5-7 can be a confusing and exciting season. Through inspirational speakers, heartfelt small group discussions, and fun games—students explore their relationship with Jesus and how that can influence every decision they make.

We want every student to know:

  • I will love God because he will never stop loving me.
  • I will follow Jesus because he knows me better than I know myself.
  • I will live out God’s story so others can know who Jesus is.


For more information or if you have a question, please contact Jay Robinson (Transit Coordinator)

Email[email protected]

Current Series

On The Right Track (31 Oct - 21 Nov)

It’s hard enough for primary schoolers to think ahead 15 minutes, let alone 15 years, but this series will challenge students to contemplate whether their current behavior might affect them down the road. Their level of cognitive development certainly makes that difficult. A grade 7 who doesn’t do homework will likely end up as a high schooler who still doesn’t do homework. Is there something we can do about it? Yes. Over the next four weeks, we’ll encourage students to shift their focus from being in the moment to being on the right track.


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