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How not to be your own worst enemy | Pay attention to your narrative.

We all face dilemmas in which circumstances point us in one direction, but our consciences point us in a different direction. At times, we ignore the tug of our consciences and sell ourselves on a questionable decision. Kind David found himself in such a position, and his example can help us navigate our own dilemmas.

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Most of us want to live better lives and create a better world.

But surrounded by competing solutions, its hard to know where to begin. Southpoint is designed to help by making it easy for people to connect in relationship with Jesus Christ and find community with each other.

Because life is full of questions. And faith doesn’t promise easy answers. But the journey is better together.

What’s next for you.

A safe place to explore faith, doubts, and ideas with others.

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Life is better connected.


Together we can make an extraordinary difference.


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