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What is UpStreet?

Parenting is tough. You want to get it right. We want to help.

UpStreet is our small group environment for children in Grade 1 to 5. But here’s what we really believe is important for you to know about UpStreet: when our kids show up on Sunday morning, we believe that the Bible should NEVER be boring, that worship can be really loud, and that the best leaders ALWAYS care. In other words, we want to make sure that our kids experience the acceptance and joy of knowing their Heavenly Father. That’s what UpStreet is all about!

We want our kids to leave at the end of Grade 5  knowing:

  • I need to make the wise choice

  • I can trust God no matter what.

  • I should love others the way Jesus loves me.

Everything that we teach flows from these Three Core Truths.

The purpose of UpStreet is to connect our children into a small group where they will begin to unpack what it means to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We want our kids to see how God’s word applies to their lives and how his truth really tells them how to live. Every week we connect our kids to the same small group leaders, giving them another trusted relationship that will help connect them to a relationship with their Heavenly Father.


LOVE IS THE G.O.A.T _ February 2021

February is often known as the month of love. But love isn't just something we should live out for a month. It's way bigger than that. In fact, love is the G.O.A.T. Yes, the Greatest Of All Time!

7 February

Our kids will face lots of choices in life, but we want them to know that loving people is THE greatest thing they can do. We call it the G.O.A.T.- Greatest Of All Time and Jesus had a lot to say about it.

14 February

This week, love looks like valentines and chocolates, but it can also look like helping, encouraging, sharing, and being a good friend. Today we get a hilarious look at a story Jesus told about a guy who went out of his way to help someone.

21 February

It’s easy to love the people we like. But when Jesus said love was the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time), He meant that we should love everyone. Today we’re asking some kids what it looks like to love those who are hard to love.

28 February

Nobody loves like God does, so today we’re going to learn from the best. Jesus told a story to illustrate that God wants us to love others no matter what. Even if it gets a little messy.



TRAINING CAMP _ January 2021

10 January

Welcome to the start of a brand new year! This month we have some great tools to help set you up for the best year yet. We dare you to take up the challenge at the end of the video.

17 January

Reading the Bible can sometimes feel overwhelming, but today we’ll discover how God’s word helps us stand strong and learn tips for how to understand it better!

24 January

We’re going to talk today about why it’s important to memorise God’s word. Knowing what God says will help you stand strong no matter what comes your way!

31 January

You can talk to God anytime, anywhere, and about anything. Today’s Training Camp will show us how talking to Him will make us so much stronger!

Time with God Devotional

Time With God will get your child reading and understanding Bible verses and how they can apply the truths to their everyday life. With short entries in kid-friendly language, they can use the flip-book on their own any time of the day. Or, you can make each page a family moment and do them together. Kids can read through the devotional as quickly or as slowly as they would like. No matter how they use it, spending time with God is what matters most.

Download Devotional


It's Christmas!

We hope you have a wonderful, exciting and amazing time with your family. Today is the day we get to celebrate Jesus! If you've missed any of this month's messages, make some time over the next few days to catch up and discover why we love to celebrate Christmas and what makes this day so very special!

20 December

Today we get to celebrate the Christmas story! This month we heard how Jesus came to be our Saviour and that is good news, of great joy for EVERYONE!

13 December

Here's a question...Why did God send Jesus at Christmas? What does it mean that Jesus is our Savior? Today UpStreet will answer some big questions about the true meaning of Christmas.

6 December

Kids don’t need to be taught HOW to celebrate Christmas—they’ve got that part down! This month though we want them to know WHY we celebrate! Today we’ll dive into the first part of the Christmas story to discover why it’s good news of great joy… for everyone! 



1 November

Today, we’re kicking off a new month on UpStreet talking about gratitude.  We’ll dive into the story of the ungrateful Israelites who always wanted what they didn’t have. Sound like any kids you might know?!

8 November

When someone says “thank you,” it can mean so much! Today, we’re going to hear a story about how nine out of ten guys didn’t say thank you to Jesus. We want to be like the one who did. 

15 November

How many times a day do you hear the phrase, “That’s not fair,” in your house? Jesus reminds us in today’s story that focusing on what others have is the fastest way to ruin a grateful attitude. 

22 November

Most people love a good celebration, including God. In fact, it was His idea! Today, UpStreet takes a look at three big celebrations the Israelites had each year to thank God for all He had done in their lives.

29 November

Whew! This year has been crazy! It’s hard to be grateful when so many things are going wrong. In today’s story, we’re going to talk about focusing on all that God does to show us His love and care.  There is always something to be thankful for!



4 October

If you have a family, or a friend, or are in contact with humans, you'll probably have discovered that we all need to exercise a little patience now and then! Today we'll discover there's a LOT more to patience than just waiting around!

11 October

We all know that having patience isn’t easy. Today, we’ll discover how being patient with someone is a great way to show them that you care about them.

18 October

Did you know you can spell trouble I-M-P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E? It’s true. Today we’ll talk about how having patience- especially when it comes to others, will keep us OUT of trouble.

25 October

We’ve all had someone wait for us. Everyone likes to be on the receiving end of patience. Today, we’ll look at a story Jesus told that will help us learn how to pay patience forward when we have the opportunity.



6 September

We all love doing things right? Playing games, watching movies, having friends over. But all of those things can also create a huge mess...and that's no fun. So how can we level up? Get ready to find out!

13 September

When there’s a job to be done, sometimes we race to say, “Not it!” But today we’ll learn from the story of Nehemiah how God wants us to jump in and help, no matter whose job it is!

20 September

Life is not just about “getting the job done.” To God, it matters HOW we do it. Today we will learn from the story of Daniel how to take every job and give it our BEST!

27 September

We know our kids want to be trusted with MORE—later bedtimes, a phone, a pet—but today we’ll learn from a story Jesus told, that if you want the big stuff in life, it all starts with the small.



9 August

This month we are kicking of the Big Idea of Start Strong, Stay Strong, by looking at one of my favourite stories- David and Goliath. Although David faced some giant problems, he could still keep going. Let’s find out why!

16 August

Everyday we are faced with choices. Some are small ones, like do I want jam or cheese on my sandwich? Others are really big, like do I lie to get out of trouble? Today we’re going to hear about 3 friends who had a life or death choice to make. Let’s see what helped them in making their decision!

23 August

Everyday we are faced with choices. Some are small ones, like do I want jam or cheese on my sandwich?Others are really big, like do I lie to get out of trouble? Today we’re going to hear about 3 friends who had a life or death choice to make. Let’s see what helped them in making their decision!

30 August

Making our own avatar, or choosing a character for an online game we’re playing can be so much fun. Normally we would chose the one that has the best armour as we go into our gaming battle. Life can sometimes feel like a battle too, but God has the best news for us. Press play to find out what that is!

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