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What is Waumba Land?

Waumba Land is our weekly environment created especially for your toddlers through to preschool aged children. We can’t wait to meet them!

Waumba Land is clean and safe and staffed with caring volunteers who will get to know you and your child by name. Perfect for busy parents.

We believe in an active, hands-on approach to learning with preschool children. You can plan on a lot of jumping, singing, dancing and laughter in every experience. Be on the lookout for fun crafts and games. We look forward to helping your preschooler learn more about God.

It is our hope that your child will discover:

God MADE me.
God LOVES me. 
Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.


We partner with you for the spiritual growth of your child.

Each hour with your child includes Bible stories, songs, crafts, games, and best of all, small group discussions to practically apply what they have learnt.

Toddlers –  will meet each week in their classroom with a dedicated leader and learn about God in a meaningful and developmentally appropriate way through hands-on activities.

Age 3 to Grade R- will meet with children of a similar age. The hour is intentionally designed so that each child experiences a large group time of Bible story and singing. They then break into small groups where they practically talk about how to live out what they have learnt. Ask them about it!

Waumba Land happens at our 9:30am service. Registration opens at 20 minutes before each service time. Download our PDF for more information.

Programming for children with special needs is available.

For more information please contact Trudi Eachus.

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