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We believe you were designed on purpose for a purpose. At Next you will discover your unique design.

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Serve At Southpoint

One of the best ways to grow your faith is to get involved. Over 100 people volunteer at Southpoint to serve kids and teens, greet guests, assist guests with parking, run production and many other things that make our ministry come alive. And there’s room for everyone. Even if you’re not sure about Christianity yet, we’ve got a place for you to serve. We know that by serving you’ll grow. And you might discover what hundreds of other people have discovered: that while you think volunteering requires something from you, it will actually do something good for you and in you.

Waumba Land

Waumba Land volunteers show up and work together in their unique roles to create a loving environment for our preschoolers. Waumba Land could not exist without the leadership and expertise of our volunteers.


UpStreet volunteers show up and work together in their unique roles to create a fun environment for primary school kids to learn who God is and how he wants them to live. We could not open the doors of UpStreet without the incredible volunteers who offer their gifts to serve our kids.


KidStuf is a creative and action-filled monthly environment where kids bring their parents to learn about God’s Big Idea and in turn make it relevant in their homes. We believe our volunteers are an essential part of making that happen. Whether it’s warmly welcoming families, perfectly timing a rocket launch, or seamlessly executing an audience-wide marshmallow shower, our KidStuf volunteers are always part of an exciting experience.

Serve in the community

We love our city because God loves our city. We’ve chosen community partners who do incredible work day in and day out. Every year, we raise money, serve and give to partners such as Baphumelele, Metro Kids, Adonis Musati Project and New Dawn through our Be Rich initiative.

Other Opportunities

The Intersect Project is serving made simple. It’s our church’s vehicle to mobilize attendees to serve our community through nonprofit partnerships.

Be Rich is our annual campaign that inspires our church toward extravagant generosity—to give generously, to serve selflessly, and to love thoughtfully.

Life Lessons Over Lunch exists to create safe and relevant environments in the marketplace where participants are exposed to biblical principles and have the opportunity to consider issues of faith.

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