Inside Out (High School)

Positive influences and good friends.

What is InsideOut?

InsideOut is a place for high school students where relationships and positive influences last longer and go deeper than you may have ever thought possible.

The teenage years are among the most challenging that kids—and parents—will ever go through.

We believe the greatest way we can partner with teenagers is with an invested small group leader, and a group of peers running in a positive spiritual direction.

InsideOut students create great memories together and experience the timeless truths of God in a relevant way.

Students also serve together, realising the power of serving others within our church community, local community, and global community.


The InsideOut service takes place EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT from 7-9pm at Southpoint Church.


For more information or if you have a question, please contact Jay Robinson (InsideOut Coordinator)

Email[email protected]

Current Series

Love, Dates & Heartbreaks (15-29 Oct)

It seems like everywhere we look we see love. In movies, music, and TV shows as well as in everyday life, love and relationships are constantly being put on a pedestal. It is so important to realize that you do not have to be in a relationship to be happy and whole. However, for those of us who date, how can we ensure that we date the right people, have a healthy relationship, and, if worse comes to worst, end the relationship in a way that honors God and the other person? In this series we will be exploring how to find them, how to date them, and how to leave them.

Friday Nights / 7-8:30PM / Southpoint Church

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