How can we help?

Even though we are confined to our homes, we can show love and support to our neighbours and other communities who are in desperate need. See a list of opportunities below.
Southpoint Church is donating 10% of our monthly tithes and offerings towards local vetted non-profits and vulnerable families.

Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love has grown, and evolved over the last couple of weeks to adapt to meet the needs of not only the homeless, but also families in the poorer communities who are without income to buy basic food necessities.

We can support Ladles of Love in two ways:

Financial support - from R10

Financial support to Ladles of Love for them to continue feeding the homeless from their kitchen, and providing food packs for families who are without an income.
It costs R 10.00 to feed one person a day. Consider a R 10.00 donation for each member of your household each week.

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Use the Reference LOL

Sandwiches - multiple ways to help

Ladles of Love have a huge demand for sandwiches.  Southpoint Church Family can get involved in one of 3 ways:
– Buy bread, jam, or peanut butter and make sandwiches
– Purchase bread, jam or peanut butter for someone else to make sandwiches
– Donate R 50.00 for  Southpoint Church to buy supplies to make sandwiches

Use the Reference SLOL

Our goal is to provide Ladles of Love with 1000 sandwiches  (50 loaves of bread) every Friday.

If you, your family, or community group would like to be part of this initiative, drop Pam an email.


“What’s in my mind today and since lockdown is the greatest worry and unanswered questions about the orphans in Child headed households, they barely have nothing to eat and depends entirely on donations of food parcels from our friends and supporters, I know it’s a BIG ask but please do support us with food so that we can distribute to those children.” – Mama Rosie

We have supported Baphumelele Child Headed Household Project for the last 8 years through our annual Be Rich campaign.

Food parcels - R400 each

Mama Rosie has made an appeal for food parcels for the children from Child Headed Household Project. Many of you are familiar with our shopping list for these food parcels.

However during COVID 19 we feel it will be more practical to make a donation. A R 400 gift will feed a family for a month. Consider sharing the cost of a food parcel with another family or your community group.

Give Now
Donate with the Ref CHH

Help make masks

Over 5,000 masks are needed for U-turn staff, volunteers, people who are homeless that we assist and our NGO partners.

Click here for instructions and where to drop off your beautifully made face mask or click here for another pattern.

Let us know if you have fabric or elastic that we can pass along. Email Pam regarding this.

Love your neighbour

Please also prayerfully consider thoughtful, loving and safe ways to care for those around you.
- Reach out to a neighbour who may be stuck at home and offer to pick up extra groceries or cook an extra meal and offer to deliver it.
- Check-in with your at-risk family members and neighbours, particularly the sick, lonely or elderly.
- Offer to shop for them and/or pray with them.
- Keep social contact high with phone calls and messages – especially consider those not in a family setting.
Drop the church an email if you are specifically concerned for an individual or family.

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